Tyrone Mawing, BUENO
Brendan Meller, Woolworths

Business intelligence leveraging operational data and analytics at scale – national portfolio case study 

Mawing and Meller will provide a practical demonstration of the intelligent decision-making power that can be unlocked by integrating the wealth of data that already exists across multiple disparate operational technologies within a large supermarket chain’s portfolio – overlaying this with analytics to enhance insights and to drive action. They will demonstrate how this approach has delivered value, specifically into the targeted areas of improved sustainability and operational efficiency. They will also speak on the challenges of implementing a scalable solution in the establishment of the supermarket chain’s Energy Management Centre (EMC).

About Mawing:
Mawing’s background is in industrial instrumentation and process control, gaining his knowledge and experience while working within the building services industries throughout the UK and Australia over the past decade. In 2017, he was tasked with constructing and leading the BUENO implementation team for the delivery of data analytics for the newly established Woolworths EMC. 

About Meller:
With more than 25 years’ experience in retail across a range of different roles and industries, Meller’s passion for energy efficiency has led him to facilities management and the energy team within the Woolworths Group.His role in the past two years has been to develop and establish the EMC and lead the FM data and analytics strategy to reduce energy consumption across the Woolworths portfolio – one of the largest costs of running the business.