Brad Schultz, M.AIRAH

Change management when transitioning to analytics

Analytics, big data and the Internet of Things have the power to transform the way we live our lives and run our businesses, however the transition to the new paradigm is not always smooth. Within the HVAC industry, equipment cannot be viewed in isolation to the people it serves. Understanding the end users and how their environment impacts productivity and creativity is key.

Schultz will discuss how linking data to both operational efficiency and the user experience is the goal – helping to drive differentiation, increased occupancy and an improved market positioning for facilities. This involves transitioning traditional business models to completely new ways of doing things. The switch from traditional BMS/security business to analytics-driven, outcome-based objectives involves changes at all organisational levels and customer sites. Schultz will also discuss the change process and explore how to make the new approaches work.

About Schultz:
Schultz is a mechatronic engineer specialising in building automation and energy efficiency. He has previously worked in start-up technology businesses, renewable energy in Nepal and, for the last eight years, has worked at Honeywell Building Solutions in Brisbane. Currently his role is connected devices delivery manager, driving the adoption of analytics-driven maintenance into Honeywell’s customer base and driving the development of new capabilities within the organisation.