Anthony Kwong, M.AIRAH
Frazer-Nash Consultancy

 Healthcare safety enhancement through big data analysis – a case study

Kwong will look at how, under supervised learning, big data can be combined with detailed engineering understanding to provide vital information for healthcare safety. This will be evidenced through a study carried out for the Royal Adelaide Hospital on the capacity of the central cooling system.

For the hospital, a predictive model was created using established thermodynamic theory. A large set of disparate data was then extracted from the building management system, with the model used to quantify system performance under foreseeable extreme weather events. Kwong will illustrate how the results have allowed proactive and informed measures to be taken to ensure continued safety for all building occupants. 

About Kwong:
Kwong is a principal consultant at Frazer-Nash Consultancy in Adelaide. His main areas of interest are acoustics and thermal/fluid dynamics. During his 22-year career with Frazer-Nash, both in Australia and the UK, he has worked on numerous projects in many industries including defence, nuclear, renewables and healthcare. His interest in big data originates from his long-term UK involvement with submarine signature analyses. Kwong holds an M.A. and a PhD from Cambridge University.