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Recently, there has been growing interest in using big data and analytics to proactively control and optimise building HVAC&R systems.

Within the HVAC&R world, big data is the collection of building systems information – most commonly collected through building management systems (BMS) – as well as the external data used within them. 

Although this information has been around for many years, historically it has been used to validate temperature complaints or system operation over the course of a week. Now, though, the introduction of analytics is radically changing the situation. It is possible, for instance, to track and trend historical patterns to help diagnose faults or equipment deterioration. Using this previously unexploited big data is significantly altering the way buildings can be managed and maintained.

AIRAH’s Big Data and Analytics Forum 2019 will be held in Sydney on August 1. It is a chance to focus on these topics and network with industry leaders as we break down what big data is and how we, as an industry, can improve the built environment’s operational efficiencies.