Arun Vishwanath

IBM Research Australia
Keynote address: BEACH - Building Energy Analytics for Cooling and Heating

The buildings sector is one of the largest energy-consuming entities on the planet today, accounting for over 35 per cent of global consumption. It is well-known that heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems dominate energy usage in commercial buildings. Global pressure to improve environmental sustainability, combined with increasing electricity prices across many nations, are pushing corporations to reduce buildings’ operational costs and energy use.
In this keynote address, Vishwanath will discuss Building Energy Analytics for Cooling and Heating (BEACH) – a data-driven framework to reduce energy consumption for cooling associated with building HVAC. He will describe the system architecture of BEACH, which has been implemented as a software overlay solution on the IBM cloud platform. It uses secure RESTful APIs alongside the Project Haystack open-source IoT initiative to securely and autonomously actuate cooling start times and zone set-point temperature settings in any on-site building management systems.
In Australia, BEACH has been deployed to dynamically control the HVAC of a large office building that houses hundreds of tenants. The experimental results demonstrate a reduction in cooling energy consumption and costs by 15–20 per cent, without any thermal discomfort for the occupants.
BEACH is being integrated with the IBM Tririga Building Insights solution, a commercial offering from IBM’s Watson IoT. It is scheduled for release in August 2019.
About Vishwanath:
Vishwanath is a senior research scientist at IBM Research, where he specialises in the Internet of Things (IoT), software defined networking (SDN), energy systems and renewable energy. His focus is on IoT applications, with an emphasis on data-driven analytics for improving the energy-cost footprints of built environments. He is also involved in SDN research and has explored topics such as net neutrality and internet fast lanes; energy efficiency of the internet; and networks with near-zero buffers.

Vishwanath has published over 60 refereed papers, is the author of 20 US patents, holds seven patents and has been a keynote speaker at several leading conferences and events on the topic of big data and analytics.