Nicholas Lianos, Affil.AIRAH
Grosvenor Engineering Group

Improving outcomes from big data analytics 

Big data relates to vast amounts of information; consists of man-made and machine information; and is sourced from apps, ERP systems, IoT devices, sensors, and plant, equipment, and building management systems. Big data analytics is the sense-making exercise of these data streams.
In the HVAC industry, analytics platforms are increasingly playing a role and property owners are presented with growing options in retrieving asset information. Although big data tools are many and varied, the end goal for their use is the same: How to best use the tools to achieve enhanced occupant experience through lower costs; energy and water consumption; and risk.

To this end, data and analytics can create valuable insights by keeping in mind three fundamentals:

  1. An agreement on universal “asset data translators” to allow the customer and vendor data lakes to refresh automatically;
  2. Use of both man-made and machine data to contextualise actionable insights to guarantee cost-effective remediate of “sick assets”;
  3. Mindfulness of products purporting artificial intelligence.

Lianos will share his views on how big data can benefit the industry, along with the biggest wins that can be attained –  as experienced from a longstanding service provider’s perspective. 

About Lianos:
Lianos is the Chief Executive Officer of Grosvenor Engineering Group, which he founded in 1994 with partner Peter Souflias, M.AIRAH. It has since grown to become one of the country’s leading providers of intelligent building services, design and construction solutions. These services are provided across HVAC, fire, electrical and building IoT.

Lianos has played an integral role in driving a data-led business to improve building performance, reduce overall costs and increase return on investment. He has a deep understanding of building data and how it can be used to propel superior efficiencies in the built environment.

As well as driving Grosvenor’s strategic direction and leadership, Lianos manages multiple high-performing teams and projects. He recently created the Grosvenor Office of Research and Technology to support the business by developing technologies that improve how the built environment operates. The new division incorporates analytics, IoT, cyber security, digital twin and emerging technologies.

Lianos is regarded as a forward thinking and curious entrepreneur with the ability to think outside the square.