Mark Dilchert

Who owns the data and where does the control sit?

Today we see multiple vendors from all areas coming into a single ecosystem where the client has to make decisions based on their view of who best to support and, where, when and how this is done. There is also the influence of large tech groups who add further complexity to the matter with a bullish approach to a lock-in ecosystem and solution. Adding legacy systems to new equipment creates another layer to deal with. And the biggest questions of all are: Who owns the data? Where is it stored? How secure is it?

For consumers in the BMS space, the importance of achieving an open architecture solution with zero risk and maximum optimisation is an ideal one, but not without challenges. 

Owners, facility managers, and master system integrators are starting to understand it is possible within a single ecosystem that allows for multiple vendors, applications, and user access without the risks. To understand more on central data storage, join Dilchert for his talk on how big data security and connectivity co-exists.

About Dilchert:
Dilchert started his career in sales and marketing, working for a leading German specialised cable company. He went on to expand his knowledge on technical applications with industry standards like Profinet, BACnet, and other leading communication technologies. For the past six years, he has been solving client’s data and cyber security risks with technology that takes them into the future – using sustainable technology that allows headcount and external providers to co-exist.