Haibo Chen

Racing to the endgame

How would you feel if a new video game pitted you against the boss in the first five minutes? A little lost, overwhelmed and frustrated there was no time to learn the fundamentals before the endgame? 

This is how many of us feel about big data, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. In the global race to deliver this exciting technology in buildings, many of us inevitably rushed along our data journeys and had to make compromises in order to reach predictive analytics and smart buildings. This has left technology product users feeling overwhelmed, dissatisfied and sceptical.  

Driven by sales and marketing, the industry has rushed past the foundation of big data: quality, accessible data at scale. Scratch below the glossy UI and signs of data problems are rife everywhere; from carefully crafted demos that break on the wrong click to loading times not seen since dial-up internet. Chen will share some lessons learnt as a product manager for a building data platform that has been through it all, and why those lessons led to a revisit of the fundamentals to not only reach but beat the endgame.
About Chen:
Chen has worked in the building services industry for over 12 years and is currently the head of product at BUENO Systems. He began his career in sustainability consulting but jumped at the opportunity to join BUENO. With the company, he has worn many hats to help create a data and analytics platform used globally across more than 1,700 buildings. 

What motivates Chen at work each day is his passion for helping great people achieve remarkable sustainability outcomes by empowering them with data and technology.