Evren Korular, M.AIRAH
Schneider Electric

Integrated System Platform

Traditionally, buildings services systems like lighting, security, fire, heating, ventilation, and the like have standalone control systems designed and operated independently throughout the building’s lifecycle. Now, it is becoming essential these typically standalone systems communicate to each other to offer greater functionality and operational insight to the building. The solution requires systems architects – both on the technical and human sides – understanding the importance of collaborative dynamics and projects’ internal/external relationships.

This presentation will cover building blocks of an ISP and the fundamental requirements of its design, digital components, and user interfaces, independent of a vendor or a product. Korular will discuss definition and terminology; the fundamental engineering approach with system architecture methodology; building blocks and digital representation; purpose, outcomes, and architectures; and use cases for cloud connections, IoT sensors, and internet protocols like MQTT.
About Korular:
Korular is a systems architect for global strategic accounts at Schneider Electric. He has over 20 years’ experience within the controls industry and has been the technical point of contact in numerous building management systems regarding tender, design, and execution.

Korular provides technical governance, risk management, and value-add engineering during the sales and project execution stages. He also consults with clients during design and implementation to help them meet their performance objectives.