Throughout your working life, undertaking continuing professional development (CPD) is an important way to expand your knowledge, maintain up-to-date technical skills and progress your HVAC&R career.

To ensure engineers holding ARPEng status are of the highest standard of contemporary practice, we require evidence of relevant continuing professional development, or CPD.

CPD activity is RECOMMENDED for all AIRAH members
and MANDATORY for all ARPEng applicants/holders.

This is a vital pillar of an ARPEng accreditation and our CPD requirements were established to meet the expectations of government, profession, industry and public.

Applicants must provide a record of 150 hours of completed CPD over the last three years.

Importantly, there are conditions attached to each variety of CPD.

Click here to find the complete CPD outline.

Tracking your CPD:

  • We provide an easy-to-use online diary through the membership portal. Applicants can use this to collate their CPD activities before uploading it in their ARPEng application.
  • A CPD record template is also available to download.