AIRAH has developed important documents you should read before starting your online APER application.
  • APER Applicant Resumé Template
    AIRAH has created a template to help prepare your detailed resumé as part of the required evidence of your work experience.

APER Queensland Resources

APER Victoria Resources

  • APER Victoria Guidelines
    A complete overview of the AIRAH Professional Engineer Register accreditation program and application process.

  • APER Victoria By-laws
    The requirements for admission, and the criteria used by AIRAH in the assessment of applicants.

  • APER Victoria Code of Professional and Ethical Conduct
    To be eligible for APER accreditation, applicants must strictly adhere to the APER Code of Professional and Ethical Conduct.

  • APER Victoria CPD Record Template
    APER applicants must provide a record of 150 hours of completed continuing professional development over the last three years. This document will help you to collate your eligible CPD activities.

For more information, please email [email protected] or call the national office on 03 8623 3000. You can also access our frequently asked questions.

We recommend exploring the links below for detailed information on APER, including how to apply, providing your qualifications, CPD activities, and more.

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