Before applying to become an AIRAH Registered Professional Engineer (ARPEng), please make sure the following applies:
I have read and understand what APER is.
I work in the mechanical engineer – HVAC&R building services discipline.
I can meet the APER Proof of Identity Requirements, which includes the proof of qualifications requirement.
I meet the eligibility requirements for the state or territory I am seeking registration in:
I am aware of the application process.
I I have the necessary work experience.
I have completed my detailed resumé, showing work experience, competence, and commitment; and I can confirm my commitment to the APER Code of Professional and Ethical Conduct. To access AIRAH’s APER Applicant Resumé Template, please click here. To download the APER Resumé Guidelines, click here.
I have downloaded the relevant state based APER Guidelines for assistance with my application.
I can provide certified qualifications showing evidence of my education and work experience.
I have undertaken 150 hours of continuing professional development (CPD) over the past three years, and I have recorded details using the APER CPD Record template.
I can provide the names, contact information and details of two professional referees who meet the eligibility requirements.
I have read the APER By-laws and understand my responsibilities in being listed on the APER.
I have downloaded and read through the other available resources.
I have read through the frequently asked questions.
I have ensured all my documents are scanned and ready for uploading as PDF documents and that they are under 10MB in size.
I have obtained my 100-point identification check and confirmed my personal details are correct in "My account".
I understand the APER accreditation lasts for three years, contingent on ongoing CPD activity.
I understand the associated assessment and annual fees.

Thank you for your interest in attaining your recognition on the APER accreditation program. We look forward to working with you throughout your career as a mechanical engineer – HVAC&R building services professional.

For additional information on the APER accreditation process, please contact AIRAH’s national office at [email protected]


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