Student of the Year – Trade – AIRAH Awards 2022 finalists

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Open to all AIRAH members, recognising work carried out during 2020/2021.

This award is given to an outstanding student at any level in the HVAC&R industry’s trade sector. Nominations can only be made by a third party, and are restricted to AIRAH members only.

Nicholas Scriva, Stud.AIRAH


Apprentice refrigeration mechanic Nicholas Scriva, Stud.AIRAH has established a reputation for being courteous and respectfully following directions from his supervisor, as well as being punctual, immaculately presented and making an excellent first impression on clients.

According to his referee, Demi Hoppo, Nicholas performs well above his third-year apprentice level, as evidenced by his workmanship and knowledge in the refrigeration trade.

“Taking on any task provided is easy for him, and he learns very quickly,” says Hoppo. “He is confident to ask questions if he doesn't understand something and is able to retain information provided to him.”

Nicholas' employer reports that he is proactive and confident in taking initiative when he encounters a problem or when he undertakes a complex task.


AIRAH Awards 2022 winner
Renzo Antonio Munster, Stud.AIRAH 

Superior Training Centre / PHW Services

Renzo Antonio Munster, Stud.AIRAH, has demonstrated constant growth in his career with his employer, working across all specialist home building services in Sydney, NSW.

“What makes him an outstanding candidate is the fact that he has become so very skilled and knowledgeable in plumbing, electrical and air conditioning,” says referee and PHW Services Managing Director Nicholas Damoulakis.

“He has become a great mentor to other workers and an inspiration to so many of our apprentices wanting to follow his academic pathway and example. He is extremely resilient, committed and always going the distance, being an immense team player and always going beyond the call of duty.”