Future Leader – AIRAH Awards 2022 finalists

Sponsored by A.G. Coombs

Open to all AIRAH members who are actively engaged in the HVAC&R industry, recognising work carried out during 2020/2021.

This award recognises emerging leaders in any facet of the HVAC&R industry, and may include engineers, designers and drafters, project managers and supervisors, tradespeople, commissioning and maintenance technicians, technical sales people and other industry participants.

This award is open to any individual who is a member of AIRAH and actively engaged in the HVAC&R industry. The nominee must be nominated by a third party and be 35 years or under as of December 31, 2021.

Jay Goh, M.AIRAH

Jay Goh, M.AIRAH, takes an integrated approach to mechanical services engineering that is grounded in sustainability and optimising design to achieve energy efficiency, resource efficiency and excellence in both construction and operational phases. 

On multiple high-profile projects including Sydney Airport, Sydney Opera House chiller replacement, Cordon Bleu Cooking School at Ryde TAFE and NSW Cooler Classrooms program, Jay has been the project lead of the mechanical services team and had oversight of both the technical and the delivery aspects.

Jay has also been an active part of Cundall's Net Zero Carbon (NZC) knowledge development and employee engagement, and overarching drive towards carbon neutrality. He has also completed Cundall's Diploma of Sustainable Design.

As part of Cundall's Quality Management Committee in Australia, Jay is the primary contact for NSW. In 2020 he was the local champion for Cundall's Global Project Delivery Program and had the responsibility of rolling out this program to staff. 

Dedicated to supporting people around him and the members of the project team, Jay takes every opportunity to help younger engineers develop their own capacity for leadership and innovation.



AIRAH Awards 2022 winner
Mark Elliott, M.AIRAH

Mark Elliott, M.AIRAH, joined Devlin Engineering & Management in 2017, fresh from university. From the beginning his colleagues say he was not afraid of a challenge, was always eager to help, and had a thirst for knowledge.

Five years later, Mark has established a reputation as a highly competent HVAC designer spearheading the commissioning management side of the business. Colleagues and clients alike respect him and turn to him for advice and solutions. 

Thanks to his ability to adapt and learn, Mark now has an excellent working understanding not only of HVAC but also the many disciplines within building services. This is reflected in his designs, which are coordinated, well-documented, and well-considered in an overall building services and architectural context. 

“Mark is honest, optimistic about the future of the HVAC&R industry and the problems it can help solve,” says referee Nick Devlin, M.AIRAH. “He the puts the needs of others first and takes on responsibility willingly to the benefit of the whole team and the wider industry.”

Patrick Page, Affil.AIRAH

Refrigeration specialist Patrick Page is known among his associates for his passion for the industry, eagerness to learn and ability to connect with the people he works with.

After completing his refrigeration and air conditioning apprenticeship, Patrick sought qualifications as a dual-trade, in electrical. He has a history of receiving positive feedback and shining a positive light on the HVAC&R industry. He is renowned for his strong work ethic and calm demeanour.

Within his company, Patrick has shown a special interest in supporting apprentices, passing on his extensive knowledge and experience in a collegial spirit. This extends to spending time out of hours teaching others.

“Patrick is the glue every good team needs,” says referee Kaleb Maider, Stud.AIRAH. “He knows when to push someone and when to take it easy. He’s often responsible for engaging conversations and discussions that bring his team of technicians closer together.”

For his professional approach and his desire to strengthen the industry by supporting those around him, Patrick is nominated for the Future Leader award.