Excellence in Diversity and Inclusion – AIRAH Awards 2022 finalists

Open to all individuals and organisations who are actively engaged in the HVAC&R industry, recognising initiatives carried out during 2020/2021.

This award recognises and celebrates individuals and organisations that have shown leadership in their efforts, initiatives, policies, programs and practices to embrace and foster truly inclusive levels of representation within their ranks. Nominees in this category might be acknowledged for efforts such as community service, professional development, hiring practices and programming activities that enhance opportunities for people of diverse cultures, background and experiences.

AIRAH Awards 2022 winner

Cundall has implemented a comprehensive global diversity and inclusion strategy that is interwoven with its corporate sustainability, health and wellbeing, and ESG strategies. Cundall Australia has proactively engaged in applying these principles, practices and initiatives locally across areas of business operations including human resources, workplace practices, health and safety, staff onboarding, training and business development.

The organisation has a variety of formal and informal processes to measure progress against indicators including cultural diversity, proportion of women within the business, proportion of women in senior positions, and proportion of women promoted annually.


ESBS – Lasath Lecamwasam, F.AIRAH

The core theme behind Engineered Solutions for Building Sustainability (ESBS) has been to successfully develop long-term business relationships with clients that are sustainable to their operations and to the environment. To achieve this, it has been vital to base the relationships on trust, mutual respect and the delivery of engineering excellence. It has also been essential to develop sustainable relationships with ESBS’ staff. Within the organisation, provision of equal opportunities by fostering diversity and inclusion is seen as key to the success of the business and the prosperity of the HVAC&R industry.