Conditions of entry

  1. The AIRAH Awards are open to Australian individuals, companies, corporate bodies, institutions or government authorities, as appropriate to the particular award category.  
  2. The awards recognise advancements and achievements in the Australian HVAC&R industry. International cooperation and contribution is encouraged, and where overseas involvement has occurred this should be identified. 
  3. If the judges consider the entries received in a particular category do not meet the criteria, no award will be presented in that category.  
  4. Judges may move an entry into a category other than the one for which it was submitted if they believe the new category better suits the entry and improves the chances of selection for an award. 
  5. Entries can be made by self-nomination or nomination by a third party, depending on the criteria of the category. 
  6. Nominations for individual awards must have the consent of the nominee. Entries submitted on behalf of a company or organisation must be supported by an authorised person. If the entry is on behalf of more than one organisation, the entry should be in joint names. 
  7. Entries are to be made on the appropriate form and submitted with supporting documentation.  
  8. Entries will be judged based on the information provided on the entry form and accompanying supporting material.  
  9. Product entries must have the consent of the product owner and be manufactured in Australia during 2021/2022.
  10. Project entries must have the consent of the owner of the installed systems or plant, and recognises work carried out during 2021/2022.
  11. Entrants must ensure that their entry will not infringe any national or international copyright, trademark or intellectual property laws. 
  12. The completed submission must be lodged in electronic format only. 
  13. For each category, AIRAH will select a panel of appropriately qualified and experienced judges who will be bound by a code of conduct. AIRAH may or may not disclose the judges’ identities.  
  14. The judges will consider entries received, and may seek external expert advice. 
  15. The judges will make the final award selection. In all cases this will be final and no correspondence will be entered into. 
  16. Entrants are not to have any direct contact with judges. 
  17. AIRAH is not liable under any circumstances associated with these awards for any damage, infringement or violation affecting the property rights of the entrant, nominee, an organisation or an individual. 
  18. Entries and supporting materials will not be returned.