Product of the Year – AIRAH Awards 2021 finalists

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Open to all individuals, companies, corporate bodies, institutions and government authorities, recognising work carried out during 2019/2020.

This award recognises excellence in product manufacture within the HVAC&R industry. Products will be assessed for features such as innovation, energy efficiency, sustainability, originality and industry need.

Eligible products must have been developed, designed and manufactured in Australia.

This award recognises new products only and does not include updates to existing products or products that have been previously nominated for an AIRAH award.


Air Purifier V3R Bio-clean Gel

SAN-AIR V3R Bio-clean gel is a powerful and effective anti-microbial technology that neutralises airborne contamination without the use of toxic chemicals.

The gel is formulated with 100 per cent plant actives and utilises the unique Aerosperse delivery method to spread throughout the entire indoor air space at low dosage. Independently tested and validated to eliminate a broad spectrum of airborne pathogens including mould, bacteria and COVID-19, it is safe for use in any occupied indoor environment.

Bio-clean gel is biodegradable, sustainable and cost- and energy-efficient, especially when used in conjunction with air conditioning systems.


Kaire Unit

Kaire Unit is an Australian-manufactured multi-staged, combination filtration system designed and tailored to control light to heavy kitchen exhaust emissions (smoke, grease and cooking odours) for all types of commercial cooking applications. 

Designed to operate at 1.85m/s, the Kaire Unit utilises three stages of particle filtration with increasing efficiency to deliver a minimum 0.3 micron particulate removal efficiency of over 95 per cent (EN 1822.5:2009). A final odour removal stage uses activated carbon or custom gaseous filtration media to effectively remove odour at an initial contact efficiency of more than 99 per cent.


The McMonty

The McMonty personal ventilation hood is a novel technology that provides a physical barrier between a patient and the surrounding environment. The ventilation hood creates a negative pressure within the hood by actively extracting air away from the patient and filters expired air through a HEPA filter. The ventilation hood focuses on elimination and engineering controls that act to control the infection at the point source and isolating healthcare workers from the hazard. 

Preliminary data reports that the ventilation hood is capable of removing more than 99.7 per cent of particles larger than 0.Sµm and more than 98.1 per cent of particles smaller than 0.Sµm.



The NEO touchscreen controller was developed with a project team spanning multiple disciplines, including product and project management, electronics engineering, digital product design, and embedded systems engineering. ActronAir also collaborated with external industrial design company, Formwerx. 


PEAK Platform

ClM's PEAK Platform integrates building analytics, artificial intelligence and technical engineering support to improve efficiency, sustainability and comfort across sites and property portfolios. 

PEAK Platform uses building data to simplify and accelerate the end-to-end process of fault detection, diagnosis and problem resolution within existing HVAC equipment. It collects and monitors live building data, leveraging algorithms to pinpoint, highlight and prioritise inefficiencies.

By facilitating a collaborative workflow with stakeholders, it helps resolve issues quickly. It also provides visibility and insight to optimise site and portfolio performance.