WR Ahern Award – AIRAH Awards 2021 finalists

Sponsored by Ecolibrium

This award goes to the best technical paper by an AIRAH member published in Ecolibrium over the previous year.

AIRAH Ecolibrium February 2020

“Change in carpark ventilation”

by Rob Lord, M.AIRAH, and Emily Smith

Ecolibrium – February 2020

This paper discusses how complacent application of the “deemed-to-satisfy” (DTS) formulae for carpark ventilation can still result in failure of the performance requirements of NCC2019.

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AIRAH Ecolibrium May 2020

“Assessing the performance of fire sprinkler systems with fast-response heads”

Firas Shawash, M.AIRAH

Ecolibrium – May 2020

This paper demonstrates how computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modelling can be used to assess the performance of fire sprinkler systems with fast-response heads in mechanically ventilated carparks.

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AIRAH Ecolibrium June/July 2020

“Effective integration of polymer plate heat exchangers – A simulation study for evaluating their use in tall commercial office buildings”

Dr Chris Menictas, M.AIRAH; Arjun Adhikari, M.AIRAH; Professor Guan H. Yeoh; and Dr Victoria Timchenko

Ecolibrium – June/July 2020

This paper describes a ventilation air pre-treatment method using a dry and wet polymer plate in the form of an air-to-air heat exchanger.

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