Innovative use of Renewable Energy in HVAC&R – AIRAH Awards 2021 finalists

Open to all individuals, recognising work carried out during 2019/2020.

This award recognises initiatives that, through the innovative use of renewable energy, significantly improve the performance of HVAC and/or refrigeration systems. It was previously known as the Denis Joseph Award for Innovative Use of Solar Energy in HVAC&R, named in honour of Denis Joseph, F.AIRAH, a passionate supporter of solar HVAC&R.

Glaciem Cooling Technologies

Advancing Renewable Energy with Thermal Energy Storage

The lack of economically viable energy storage and smart technology is a major factor in the HVAC&R industry’s heavy reliance on grid energy consumption.

This project represented a large-scale deployment of “smart” systems with thermal energy storage (TES) based on phase change materials (PCM) across three of the largest HVAC&R sectors: process heating/cooling, commercial building HVAC, and cold storage that are fully integrated with renewable energy generation.

The systems are controlled with a cloud-based advanced control forecasting algorithm that enables them to optimally manage the charge/discharge profile of the PCM/TES and maximise end-user savings.

University of Wollongong

Advancing Solar Energy and Thermal Storage

This initiative developed innovative solutions to advance the deployment of solar energy and thermal energy storage in HVAC systems for energy-efficient heating and cooling. It delivered innovative HVAC systems that used photovoltaic thermal collectors, phase change materials thermal energy storage, solar air collectors and transpired solar collectors for energy generation and storage, and developed innovative techniques for thermal energy storage design and energy efficiency improvement of solar panels.

These solutions could be potentially used to increase building energy flexibility, address energy efficiency, support demand response and assist to take HVAC off the grid.