Excellence in HVAC&R Research – AIRAH Awards 2021 winner

Open to all individuals, companies, corporate bodies, institutions and government authorities, recognising work carried out during 2019/2020.

This award recognises outstanding achievements in research that have produced additional knowledge of HVAC&R systems with importance for future improvements in these technologies.

Keivan Bamdad Masouleh

Model predictive control (MPC) to improve HVAC operation

Bamdad Masouleh has developed a model predictive controller (MPC) to manage energy consumption of HVAC systems. The proposed MPC controller has been designed to predict the thermal response of a building (e.g., energy use) a few hours in advance and identify the future optimised values of two control variables – supply air temperature and chilled water temperature – to minimise the energy consumption of the HVAC system.

When compared with temperature reset energy-saving strategies (commonly used in practice) in a simulated office building in Sydney, the proposed MPC controller provided significantly higher energy savings.