The Lighter Side Top 10 for 2018

February: Improve and adapt

While delivering some condensers, Daniel found this cracker of a temporary fix in Sydney. 

“Despite the induced-draft coil being changed to a forced-draft coil with a pedestal fan, the fast-food proprietor assured me that the cool room temperature was as good as ever,” Daniel says. “I purchased my lunch elsewhere that day.”

March: Straight flush

As Dane from Bathurst so aptly puts it, someone was “taking the piss” with this condensate drain installation in a local restaurant – the AC is draining into the urinal.

April: Another crappy piece of work

Continuing the toilet theme from March, Dee found this amazing condensate drain set-up in Bourke, NSW. 

May: Name that critter

“The fault lights indicated a fault with the outdoor PCB, and this is what I found when I opened the panel,” says Richard. “Something used the compressor wrap as a nest. Can anyone identify the skeletal remains?” 

June: Off the gauge

Jason from Altona North was called out to look at a system that had a refrigerant leak. On closer inspection the previous mechanic had used manifold gauge lines in the pipe up!

July: The ruffest install ever

Shawn from Cairns spotted this at a customer’s house while repairing a split system. “Super-spoiled dog,” he says, “slightly over-capacity aircon!”

August: Forward thinking

These units will be easy enough to fix when maintenance drones are invented; until then, good luck! Thanks to Sam from NSW for the photo.

September: If MacGyver was a fridgie…

Thanks to Matt for sending in this cracker photo of a retro-fitted drain. “The drain pump has broken and they have got creative,” he says. “It’s constructed out of a lunchbox, funnel, brackets, hose and a lot of duct tape.”

October: The Lighter Side meets the Darwin Awards

Bruce in Melbourne received this R32 cylinder from a customer who complained that he couldn’t screw a bottle fitting on it and wanted a replacement. It had clearly been attacked by an angle grinder in an attempt to "fix” the problem. “I got a replacement cylinder and proceeded to watch him pull a R22 bottle fitting out of his pocket and attempt to screw it on. He turned to me and stated, ‘This cylinder is faulty too!’ ”

November: Spaghetti special

“Here’s a beauty I witnessed yesterday,” says Gary from Queensland. “Air will take the path of least resistance, and they wonder why the boardroom on the index run had no airflow.”