Promoting Use of Solar Cooling and Heating in Australia (PUSCH)

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Solar Cooling and Heating (SCH) technologies remain underutilised in the Australian building sector, despite space heating and cooling contributing 7 per cent of Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions and representing up to 50 per cent of the peak demand on Australia’s electricity infrastructure.

Through capacity-building activities, this project will provide input on the skills, industry awareness and knowledge barriers associated with the increased market uptake of SCH technologies.

Project innovation

SCH system performance and energy efficiency opportunities are not well understood within the wider HVAC&R industry. Monitoring of three case study sites will address this need and provide a better understanding of their operational benefits.


This project will provide the Australian Government and industry with a better understanding of the strengths, weaknesses, risks and potential investment opportunities within the SCH industry.

Report: Promoting the Use of Solar Cooling and Heating in Australian buildings (PUSCH) – 2018

The PUSCH report analyses the solar cooling and heating industry in Australia that is suitable for built environment applications. It identifies existing market barriers, as well as opportunities for improving the market uptake of SCH solutions.

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Heating and Cooling Calculator (HCCalc) – online design tool

This online tool, developed by CSIRO, provides a rapid initial assessment of the likely suitability of various low-grid electricity consumption heating and cooling product types. It allows users – including those who may not be familiar with these products – to make their own assessment of whether different product types are likely to meet their expectations of comfort for their location and usage pattern. 

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AIRAH’s Renewable Heating and Cooling Special Technical Group

AIRAH’s special technical groups (STGs) provide a way of channelling specialist expertise from the wider industry. The Renewable Heating and Cooling STG is made up of individuals who are interested in developing the renewable heating and cooling industry in Australia, with the aim of combating climate change by reducing greenhouse gas emissions from the residential and commercial building sectors.

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This initiative is led by CSIRO, with support from the Australian Ren ewable Energy Agency (ARENA).