Representing our industry

One of AIRAH’s four primary goals is collaboration, and to create strong government and industry influence and commercial linkages.

AIRAH is regularly invited to represent the HVAC&R building services industry and provide advice and/or technical support on sector-related issues. As an organisation, we do not have the technical expertise or capacity to fulfill all of these requests. Rather, AIRAH asks members with knowledge and expertise to be nominated to represent the Institute.

Roles range from providing technical and industry advice to joining technical review, technical development, advisory, working, project implementation, or sponsor groups.

Invitations come from a range of third-party organisations, including:

  • Commonwealth and state/territory government agencies and departments
  • Standards Australia
  • Australian Building Codes Board
  • Australian Sustainable Built Environment Council
  • Green Building Council of Australia
  • Administrators for NABERS and CBD schemes
  • Industry associations or organisations

We value each nominee’s contributions and encourage our members to participate in this type of work whenever possible. Participation in these groups can provide significant benefits to AIRAH members – including an increase of individual skills and knowledge, continued professional development (CPD) and skills maintenance, and the opportunity to develop your networks.

For more information on the process that AIRAH goes through to identify and nominate an AIRAH member to represent the Institute on a third-party committee, please download this document: AIRAH representation on third-party committees – Nomination process and member requirements.
For more information or to discuss opportunities, please contact us at [email protected]

This page was last updated February 9, 2023