AIRAH’s advocacy work centres around three main themes:
  • Transition to a net-zero future
  • Professionalism and safety
  • Resilience.
We also advocate for greater recognition of HVAC&R – building services, and the role that AIRAH’s members play in this industry.

Advocacy focus points

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Recent activity and submissions
High Current Test Site Closure 
(April 2021)
Proposed local demand response requirements for selected appliances, including air conditioners – South Australia 
(April 2021)
Victorian Energy Upgrades – New Activities Consultation 
(February 2021)
Regulatory Impact Statement – Open flued gas space heaters 
(February 2021)
Automatic Mutual Recognition 
(February 2021)
Design and Building Practitioners Regulation 2020 – Stakeholder Feedback
(January 2021)
Advice on selecting a fire safety practitioner
(December 2020)
Important update for fire safety practitioners in NSW
(December 2020)
Consultation paper – Registration of building engineers in Western Australia
(December 2020)
Letter to State and Territory Building Ministers – No time to delay building confidence and energy efficiency
(November 2020)
Victorian Professional Engineers Registration Act 2019 – First round of consultation
(October 2020)
WA Cooling Towers and Warm Water Systems 
(September 2020)
National Registration Framework for Building Practitioners 
(August 2020)
AIRAH submission to the DELWP consultation on CPD for Builders and Plumbers
(August 2020)
AIRAH submission to the Macklin Review – consultation on Skills for Victoria’s Growing Economy
(July 2020)
AIRAH submission on Technology Investment Roadmap
(June 2020)
AIRAH support for NSW Design and Building Practitioners Bill 2019
(June 2020)
AIRAH submission for ESV Discussion Paper on the Remaking of the Electricity Safety (Registration and Licensing) Regulations
(April 2020)
AIRAH recommendation to classify HVAC&R as essential services in government’s coronavirus response
(March 2020)
AIRAH response to the Open flued gas space heaters discussion paper addendum
(January 2020)
Previous work
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Refrigerants Transition 
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