Dr Stephen White, F.AIRAH


Why is HVAC&R important?
It’s fundamental to our way of life, helping to make a vast array of food more widely available (refrigeration) and helping to make life more comfortable and productive (air conditioning).

What do you do, and what is the most satisfying aspect of your work?
As a research manager, I look for ways of improving the technology and the application of HVAC&R to reduce costs and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. It’s satisfying to be contributing to people’s health and wellbeing, and helping to deal with pressing global issues.

What will you be doing to celebrate World Refrigeration Day?
Keeping up the good fight, working to create a better future for all Australians with more affordable and more environmentally friendly HVAC&R. Perhaps I’ll have a few quiet ones, with a nod and a cheer for Mr James Harrison.