Mikaila Ganado, M.AIRAH

GWA Consultants Australia

Why is HVAC&R important?
Our industry is a massive contributor to the world’s greenhouse gas emissions (approximately 25 per cent). As such, we have a huge responsibility and opportunity to innovate and improve the environment.

What do you do, and what is the most satisfying aspect of your work?
I’m a consultant – I design air conditioning. Everything from new central plants to small office fit-outs. The most satisfying part of my job is getting to put something on paper then seeing it become reality. I’m also the Chair of the Women of AIRAH STG and the most satisfying part of that “work” is meeting amazing and inspiring colleagues to change the face of our industry!

What will you be doing to celebrate World Refrigeration Day?
I’ll be happily working – turning ideas into reality … and having a glass of champagne when I get home.