Massimo Fiorentini, Affil.AIRAH

Sustainable Buildings Research Centre, University of Wollongong

Why is HVAC&R important?
The term HVAC&R (heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration) represents technologies and thermal processes that sustain key needs of our modern society, from ensuring environmental comfort in the indoor spaces where we spend a large portion of our life, to allowing our food to be preserved. Sometimes these systems are not visible and we take their effective operation for granted, but they play a significant role in our everyday life and the community should be more aware of their importance.

What do you do, and what is the most satisfying aspect of your work?
I work as a researcher in the building controls space, at the University of Wollongong’s Sustainable Buildings Research Centre. I am passionate about making buildings smarter and more responsive to human needs. While HVAC&R is essential to our lifestyle, the effective operation of these systems is critical to combating climate change and preserving the wellbeing of the population, including the most vulnerable parts of the community.

What will you be doing to celebrate World Refrigeration Day?
I will enjoy staying warm on this “cool” day.