Iain Campbell Rocky

Mountain Institute

Why should people care about the refrigeration industry?
Refrigeration and cooling provide a critical utility for the health, wellbeing and productivity of people around the world and, in doing so, set a foundation for the prosperity of nations and their citizens. As more and more people achieve access to this critical utility, the world is looking to the refrigeration industry to accelerate its focus on mitigating the climate impact associated with the scaling of demand. The profile of this industry has likely never been higher than it is today.

What fearless initiatives do you know of in the HVAC&R sector that will help us tackle global warming?
The Global Cooling Prize, with its focus on refrigeration and air conditioning, is an example of the kind of initiative that we need across all sectors of the market. It’s a challenge focused not just on incremental improvements to the climate impact of our solutions, but on completely solving and neutralising the climate impact of growth in the installed base through a combination of low/no GWP refrigerants and dramatically lower energy consumption.

How do you think we can get people to pay more attention to the HVAC&R sector so we can really tackle the emissions issue?
Over the last two years, more and more people are paying attention as we focus less on what we see in the rear-view mirror and more on the road ahead, where we see huge growth as access to refrigeration and cooling increases in developing countries. This will come with an emissions and climate impact we simply cannot afford. We cannot deny this access – consequently we must dramatically increase the focus on emissions

What will you be doing on World Refrigeration Day?
I will, of course, join the celebration of our industry and the critical utility that we provide – and at the end of the day I will be cracking open a cold one!