Abraham Corona, M.AIRAH


Why is HVAC&R important?
I think the answer to this is as easy as saying “because it is everywhere” – and without it, the world wouldn't be as we know it. I like to call it “the invisible industry” because typically, individuals don’t imagine the amount of engineering, knowledge and human power required to have a juicy apple on your table. The moment the apple is taken off the tree, the HVAC&R industry takes care to keep it as fresh as possible until the moment you’re eating it.

On top of that, how difficult would it be to avoid surgical site infections in operating theatres without HVAC support? How difficult would it be to study virus and bacteria in controlled environments safe enough for human interaction, together with the cleanrooms required to develop the vaccines? In summary, HVAC&R is an exciting and necessary field.

What do you do, and what is the most satisfying aspect of your work?
The HVAC&R industry has taken me through an unbelievable path of knowledge and experiences, from working in the refrigeration sector designing coldroom facilities for farms and abattoirs, to developing my experience in critical HVAC for the healthcare sector.

Working with critical HVAC for operating theatres in order to decrease surgical site infections and improve patient wellbeing is the most satisfying part of my career in HVAC&R. Not everyone has the privilege to state that their direct work saves lives.

What will you be doing to celebrate World Refrigeration Day?
Sitting in my dining room, controlling the heating via an efficient heat pump unit, while eating an apple. It sounds like a good way to celebrate this industry. In other words, developing your standard way of life is a way to celebrate World Refrigeration Day. This time can be also used to think about how we can further support this sector with better renewable technologies, using environmentally friendly refrigerants and so on.