AIRAH HVAC&R Emerging Trends Symposium

On Thursday, June 13, AIRAH’s WA division will hold the inaugural HVAC&R Emerging Trends Symposium at Perth’s HBF Stadium.

The full-day event features presentations on developing industry trends and takes place directly ahead of AIRAH’s Industry Night and its networking opportunities.

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Speakers and presentations

The full program can be downloaded here.

Chris Bong, M.AIRAH

Regional Business Development Manager, Veolia Energy HVAC Products (WA, SA, NT)

Refrigerant options in chillers today
The Paris Agreement aims to keep the rise of global temperatures below 2°C. The HFC phase-down (which commenced in Australia on January 1, 2018) can potentially prevent 0.5°C warming through low-GWP refrigerants.

This presentation will discuss current technologies and refrigerants available in chillers; global and Australian trends; and how to get prepared for the phase-down.

Bong is a mechanical engineer with 24 years’ experience in HVAC. He is passionate about climate change and energy efficiency, advocating a balanced approach in safety, GWP and energy efficiency in various system applications.

Andrew Brooks

Regional Application Consultant, Belimo

The emerging trends of IOT
What is the internet of things (IOT) trend all about? It's just your data being beamed around the internet into a cloud, right? How is an application programming interface involved, and how does it hold the key to a seamless user experience? Is IOT a fad, or is it the future?

Assuming the latter, what are hardware manufacturers getting out of all of this; are there any benefits for the long-suffering installers; and what will this landscape look like to end-users? Brooks will look to the future and the likely shift to faster, more reliable networks and increasing IOT popularity. He’ll also talk about the elephant in the room: security. 

Brooks studied business information systems in the UK, held postgrad jobs in IT and was drawn into the HVAC industry through his networking and programming knowledge. He now has over 15 years’ experience working in the industry, with involvement in the manufacturing, design and control of HVAC systems. He is an Application Consultant for Belimo, covering the Asia-Pacific region and educating the market on industry trends.


Raymond Frangie

Academic Tutor, Western Sydney University

Cyber Security – IoT – Internet of Things or Internet of Threats?
This session highlights the fundamentals of cybersecurity, threat intelligence, and how a simple inadvertent mistake of connecting your built environment to the Internet, can allow an attacker to access or manipulate your data, damage your building, potentially cause personal injury, damage your brand, or ultimately destroy your reputation. Furthermore, this session provides an insight into the activities of hackers across the globe, captured live during this presentation.

Frangie has a Graduate Certificate and Master’s Degree in Information Systems Security, numerous industry certifications, and gained the first Australian Computer Society's Certified Cyber Security Professional certification in New South Wales.
Frangie is a highly regarded academic tutor, industry speaker and lead cyber security consultant for Norman Disney & Young. He has more than 20 years of combined experience across information technology, information security and cyber security. Having previously run his own company and worked and consulted for numerous small, medium and large enterprises, Frangie provides a unique approach in delivering both technical and business-level IT, information security and cyber security services.

Brett Hedge, M.AIRAH

Sales and Marketing Manager, Kirby HVAC&R Pty Ltd

Let’s rethink refrigerants
This presentation will cover the planning considerations required in the move to lower-GWP refrigerant alternatives. It is aimed at stakeholders responsible for the choice of refrigerants and their effective management.

Hedge is currently the Sales and Marketing Manager for Kirby Australia (formerly Heatcraft) and has been in the industry since 1996, when he began his career as a refrigeration apprentice. He is passionate about making a positive contribution to the industry, and to the environment, by leading change through natural refrigerants like CO2.


Thomas Heine

Sales and Market Manager EC Upgrades, ebm-papst A&NZ

HVAC&R measurement and verification (M&V) for energy upgrades
How can you measure the success of an energy upgrade activity? This is not always easy, especially if the upgrades are extensive, the application is complex or there are many interactive effects.

Heine represents ebm-papst A&NZ as the Sales and Market Manager for EC Upgrades, the retrofit arm of the global company. His 13 years of fan industry experience spans Germany, China and Australia. Heine has a keen interest in upgrading existing building equipment with energy- and cost-saving technologies to benefit end-users, building owners, facility managers and the environment.


Paul Jackson, F.AIRAH

National Contracts Manager, Engineering Commissioning Services

Commissioning the final frontier – where are we going?
This presentation will focus on current industry trends in the commissioning space, lessons learned and what, in Jackson’s opinion, the future direction of commissioning management will hold given the advent of “smart building” culture, analytics and – of course – big data. 

Jackson has been involved in the HVAC&R industry for over 35 years. He has contributed in the design, implementation/contracting, manufacturing, maintenance, and commissioning consultancy space for many years. He is passionate about commissioning management and the delivery of “completed projects”.


Phill Raso

WA CitySwitch Program Manager, City of Perth

A new way to fund upgrades in WA’s buildings? The benefits of Building Upgrade Finance
Building Upgrade Finance (BUF) is a finance mechanism that allows non-residential building owners access to funds from select commercial lenders to upgrade the sustainability performance of their buildings. The state government is currently considering legislative changes that would allow the scheme in WA.

By including local governments in the financing arrangement, BUF overcomes two of the main barriers that building owners face in upgrading their buildings: access to capital and the split incentive, where owners carry the cost of upgrades and tenants receive the benefits through energy savings. Raso will explain how BUF works and the benefits of the scheme for building owners, tenants, the building services sector, local governments and the community.

Raso is the WA Program Manager for CitySwitch – a national program run by the capital cities that supports over 900 office tenancies to improve the sustainability performance of their offices. He is also the City of Perth’s sustainable buildings advisor, assisting policy makers and stakeholders on a range of topics affecting the environmental, economic and social performance of Perth’s commercial buildings.


Dr Subbu Sethuvenkatraman, Affil.AIRAH

Research Team Leader, CSIRO

Promoting Use of Solar Cooling and Heating (PUSCH) in Australia
CSIRO, along with AIRAH, has developed a roadmap for promoting the use of renewable energy in the heating and cooling of buildings. This talk will provide an overview of the key findings of this activity and will cover data from the case study buildings.

Dr Sethuvenkatraman is a research team leader at CSIRO. He has 15 years of industrial R&D experience in developing and implementing technology in the energy domain, including renewable introduction in buildings. Currently, he leads the smart building research activities at CSIRO and is the chair of AIRAH’s Renewable Heating and Cooling STG.


Sid Thoo, RAIA

Architect, sidthoo/Lecturer

Using NatHERS energy ratings to understand heating and cooling loads for optimum thermal performance
This presentation looks in detail at the data used to calculate NatHERS energy ratings, and how this information can help HVAC engineers and contractors understand the heating and cooling loads of a proposed design. This data can then be potentially used to help design and size HVAC systems for optimum performance and energy efficiency.

Thoo is an award-winning architect, consultant and educator with a passion for designing more sustainable buildings. He has completed a Certificate IV in NatHERS assessment and is part of the Australian Building Codes Board Subject Matter Expert (SME) Network, focussing on residential energy efficiency. Thoo is also a member of the Australian Institute of Architects and previously served as the Chair of the Australian Building Sustainability Association.

He has taught at a number of Australian tertiary institutions, and was recently a Clinical Professional Fellow at Curtin University in the School of Built Environment. He also gives regular presentations and workshops on eco-effective building design. 


Chris Wallbank, M.AIRAH

Head of Energy and Sustainability Services, JLL

Cities and their changing demand – how does that impact building services?
The rate of change in building design and tenant needs in the past five years in Australia and parts of Asia has been profound. Conventional approaches to property design, delivery and refurbishment of new and existing assets is being tested. Wallbank will seek to clarify how this is impacting conventional design and operational needs. He’ll also provide some suggestions on how we can deliver more commercially sustainable assets.

Wallbank is currently Head of Energy and Sustainability for Australia in JLL. Since he commenced the business in 2005, it has grown to a team of 40, supporting clients around Australia and Asia in the design, operation, occupancy, rating and efficiency of their properties. Wallbank spent the first 20 years of his career in mainstream consulting and now provides advice to clients on every facet and in every stage of the asset life-cycle.


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