DA19 HVAC&R Maintenance

Throughout 2020, AIRAH is presenting a series of [AIRAH Webinar] Streamline sessions, detailing recent updates to DA19 HVAC&R Maintenance. The new edition of this technical resource, as well as a complementary user guide for facility managers and building owners, was released in October 2019.

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About these Streamlines 

The 2020 DA19 HVAC&R Maintenance webinars highlight the key changes to the 2019 edition; how to use the manual in everyday practice; and why maintenance of HVAC&R systems is so important.

The DA19 HVAC&R Maintenance webinar series features multiple sessions, each presenting different insights on the technical resource.

Session one

Brought to you by AIRAH.

Session one was held on Thursday, March 26, and covered:
  • The objective, scope, content and application of DA19
  • What’s new for the 2019 release.

Session two

Brought to you by AIRAH, with support from Ecolibrium.

Session two was held on Thursday, April 16, and covered:
  • The role of maintenance
  • Maintenance throughout  – design, commissioning, management and operation. 

Session three

Brought to you by AIRAH, with support from Ecolibrium.

Session three was held on Thursday, April 30, and covered:
  • Smart maintenance and targeting improvement
  • Selecting and developing a maintenance strategy and plan.

Session four

Brought to you by AIRAH, with support from SmartTrade.

Session four was held on Thursday, June 18, and covered:
  • Smart maintenance
  • Targeted maintenance for continuous improvement
  • Risk-based maintenance.

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Brett Fairweather, M.AIRAH

Brett has represented local engineering practices for over 20 years, and now runs a mechanical services consultancy to support other practitioners throughout the industry. On behalf of AIRAH, Brett is regularly involved in delivering training relevant to the maintenance of essential safety measures; design of smoke control and fire dampers; and building ventilation. Brett is a member of Standards Australia’s ME-062 subcommittees, which are responsible for standards on a range of HVAC requirements in buildings.

About DA19 HVAC&R Maintenance

Now in its fourth edition, DA19 has been the definitive reference for HVAC&R maintenance in Australia for more than 20 years. It is used throughout the Australian property, facility management and HVAC&R maintenance industries and has been developed with considerable industry engagement.

This 208-page Design Application manual features important updates relating to: energy efficiency; system sustainability; asset management; the digitisation of maintenance (smart maintenance); and more.

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