Who's Leak is it Anyway? The Importance of HVAC to Tighter Buildings

On Thursday, May 21, AIRAH hosted the Streamline session "Who's Leak is it Anyway? The Importance of HVAC to Tighter Buildings", with support from Pro Clima. It provided information around the ever-increasing emphasis on energy efficiency and building performance means for HVAC professionals.

About this Streamline 

The webinar covered:

  • Building air tightness
  • Main failure points of HVAC professionals
  • What is expected of HVAC professionals.
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Sean Maxwell, AM.AIRAH
Pro Clima Australia, technical director (LinkedIn)

Sean is technical manager with Pro Clima Australia, a manufacturer of high-performance building membranes and seals. He is also a member of AIRAH’s Building Physics Special Technical Group. His driving passion is the organisation and elevation of Australia and New Zealand’s community of building diagnostic professionals. He is a national authority on the practice of airtightness testing for buildings.