Ammonia Safety Awareness


This course has been designed specifically for non-plant and refrigeration staff that work in or around an industrial ammonia plant.

The purpose of Ammonia Safety Awareness is to provide participants with a basic understanding of general information, common first aid requirements and details of what safety equipment is required for sites containing ammonia refrigeration plants.

The course consists of several topics addressing the different uses of ammonia and its properties; how it affects people; concentration level information; general first aid; and what safety equipment and personal protective equipment (PPE) is required for the safe operation of an ammonia refrigeration system. There will be a review of a case study relating to an ammonia incident and discussions around emergency response plans and maintenance planning, plus a summarisation of the codes and standards relating to ammonia refrigeration plants. 

Topic highlights

What is ammonia?

Case studies: ammonia incidents

Detection of ammonia

How does ammonia behave?

Value of maintenance/servicing

Ammonia first aid, safety and PPE

Safety Alerts

What are ammonia’s effects?

Regulations and standards

Evacuation and site procedures


General course information


Delivery method:


4 hours (half-day)


Maximum of 15 people per course

Competency in this course is only achieved by successfully passing an in-class, theory-based exam. Certification is industry-based and provided by AIRAH. Students will be issued a certificate and statement of results.

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