Ammonia Safety Awareness


Course overview
Target audience

This course has been designed specifically for non-plant and refrigeration staff that work in or around an industrial ammonia plant.


General course information

Delivery method: Face to face and in-house
Length: 4 hours (half day)
Assessment included: No assessment
Please contact AIRAH at or on (03) 8623 3000 to arrange an obligation-free quote to hold the half day ammonia safety awareness course at your facility.

Topics covered

  • Case studies: ammonia incidents
  • What is ammonia
  • How does ammonia behave
  • What are ammonia’s effects
  • Value of maintenance/servicing
  • Regulations and standards
  • Detection of ammonia
  • Safety alerts


This course is designed for

  • OHS team members
  • Forklift drivers
  • Stores personnel
  • Administration staff
  • Anyone working in or around an ammonia plant



This course can be held at your facility any time during the year. Please email AIRAH for more information about running this course at your facility.

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Please call AIRAH on (03) 8623 3000 or email for more information.