Ammonia Emergency Response


It is important to be prepared for the event of an on-site ammonia leak. The purpose of the Ammonia Emergency Response course is to provide participants with the practical and theoretical skills to competently manage this situation.

The course covers:
  • The components of ammonia and typical applications for use, other than as a refrigerant.
  • The hazards associated with ammonia and water; the preferred method of mixing ammonia and water
  • The identification codes of ammonia, as used by the Australian Dangerous Goods Code (ADGC).
  • The use of AS/NZS 817:2016 to identify the lower flammability limit.
  • The acute toxicity exposure limit (ATEL) for personnel working with ammonia.
  • How to select and correctly use Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).
  • The industry-approved methods of controlling a vapour refrigerant leak using water fog spray to reduce environmental impact.
  • The industry-approved methods of controlling a liquid refrigerant leak (using a "Butterfly Tube") to reduce environmental impact.
  • Selection and use of a "re-condensing set" to control a liquid and vapour leak from a simulated refrigerant valve manifold.

Topic highlights


Ammonia vapour and cloud dispersal

Hazchem signage and labelling

Legislative framework

Emergency planning

Breathing apparatus, chemical suits and confined spaces

SDS/MSDS for ammonia

First aid and injuries

An example of a detailed emergency plan template, plus discussion session


General course information


Delivery method:
Face-to-face or in-house


8-hours (full-day)


Maximum of 12 people per course

Competency in this course is only achieved by successfully passing an in-class, theory-based exam. Certification is industry-based and provided by AIRAH. Students will be issued a certificate and statement of results.

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Oxford Cold Storage, Laverton
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 Oxford Cold Storage, Laverton


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