Psychrometric theory and processes

You will be introduced to the basics concepts of psychrometrics and human comfort and learn how it is applied in the design and application of air conditioning systems.

This course will provide you with an awareness and knowledge of psychrometric theory. It covers the basics of the science of psychrometrics, specifically as it is applied to air conditioning processes and system design. A general knowledge of the technical terms and the quantities used is provided, in conjunction with explanation and analysis of the psychrometric chart. 

Following completion of the course, you should be prepared and able to read and plot a psychrometric chart and apply it to a range of air conditioning processes.

The course also shows how the psychrometric chart can be used to show the correlation between various terms, and how to make simple calculations for an air conditioning system. The course tutorial provides you with the opportunity to use a psychrometric chart to depict the various processes involved in air conditioning and how to calculate the relevant quantities associated with those processes.

This course is an individual unit in the Professional Certificate in HVAC&R Fundamentals.

Topic highlights

Psychrometrics and human comfort

Air conditioning processes and factors

Applied psychrometrics

Psychrometric theory – the psychrometric chart and the properties of moist air


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