Duct system design for HVAC

This course looks at the basics of ductwork design. Starting from the fundamental objectives for the ductwork system, it explains the pressure losses that occur in a system and how to calculate them. It also steps through the duct design procedures, looks at ways of sizing the system and concludes with an overview of some other aspects of duct design. This includes materials selection, noise, duct sealing/leakage and delivering energy efficient ductwork solutions.

This course is designed to familiarise you with the design, selection and application of ductwork systems in HVAC applications.

This course is an individual unit in the Professional Certificate in HVAC&R Fundamentals.

Topic highlights

Factors affecting ductwork system design

Understanding system pressure losses

Duct sizing methods

Pressure loss of fittings

Designing a ductwork system

Duct design calculation example

Other aspects of duct design


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