After a thorough executive search, Sami Zheng has been appointed to the position of AIRAH Chief Executive Officer.

Having joined the Institute seven years ago to work in finance, Zheng has most recently served as AIRAH’s Chief Operating Officer.

AIRAH President Paul Jackson, F.AIRAH, says that in her tenure to date with AIRAH, Zheng has shown all the qualities necessary to lead the organisation into a new era.

“We are thrilled to have Sami at the helm,” Jackson says. “The Board recognises the talent and dedication she has demonstrated throughout her time with AIRAH.

“Sami has a deep understanding of the organisation and its members, as well as a clear vision of how AIRAH can lead Australia’s HVAC&R industry towards a more sustainable future.”

For her part, Zheng is delighted to step into the role.

“I am fully aware of the expectations placed upon me, and I am committed to our people and to our industry,” Zheng says. “I will approach each task with diligence and dedication. I am proud of AIRAH and its people, and I will uphold the standards of excellence that make AIRAH what it is today.

“With the team, the Board, and the members behind me, I am confident that we can achieve great things for our collective vision.”

For more information, email AIRAH communications manager Matthew Dillon via  [email protected]

AIRAH is the recognised voice of the Australian HVAC&R industry. We aim to minimise the environmental footprint of our vital sector through communication, education, and encouraging better practice.