Wednesday, July 7, 2021

The keynote and speaker program have been named for AIRAH’s Big Data and Analytics Forum 2021, which will take place online, live streamed across Australia on July 22. 

Originally scheduled to take place in Melbourne, because of COVID-19 precautions this year’s event will now be delivered online.

“AIRAH’s Big Data and Analytics Forum 2021 will be a live-streamed event,” says AIRAH CEO Tony Gleeson, M.AIRAH. “Participants will have the opportunity to connect with industry leaders from across the built environment as emerging trends in big data are discussed. We will also explore how we, as an industry, can improve operational efficiencies – in buildings and beyond.”

Participants at the Forum can anticipate hearing from at least 15 speakers on the day, weighing in on a range of topics related to big data and analytics.  

In something of a coup for the Big Data and Analytics Forum, Mark Farrow from tech titan Google will deliver the keynote address. As the IOT Program Manager for Google, Singapore-based Farrow will be able to discuss with considerable authority the digital building transformation taking place in the built environment.

Haibo Chen from Bueno will deliver a presentation titled “Racing to the endgame”, which explores the effect big data, artificial intelligence and machine learning has had on those who use it.  

“In the global race to deliver this exciting technology in buildings,” Chen explains, “many of us inevitably rushed along our data journeys and had to make compromises in order to reach predictive analytics and smart buildings. This has left technology product users feeling overwhelmed, dissatisfied and sceptical.

“Scratch below the glossy user interface, and signs of data problems are rife everywhere.”

Chen will explore how it is possible to return to focus on the fundamentals: quality, accessible data at scale.

New AIRAH board director Chris Stamatis, M.AIRAH, will discuss the Big Data Guidelines release.

Also at the Forum, NDY’s Matthew Taylor will discuss “Data models and ontologies at the centre of smart building enterprise”.

“Data models and ontologies are an often-avoided topic but are foundational to the future of smart buildings,” Taylor says. “Data modelling provides a machine-readable model for what building systems are and how they relate. They give us a rich vocabulary with which to describe a building and its many functions, with a rigour allowing machine learning algorithms to start gaining the same context as a human expert.

“This talk demystifies ontologies, discusses the importance of data modelling in the future of smart buildings, and discusses some of the different ontology options available.”

Hao Huang and Brad Schultz, M.AIRAH, from Buildings Alive will be discussing “Unsupervised learning for anomaly detection and diagnostics in commercial buildings”. 

The day will also include a workshop on data tagging and a panel session on data ontology.

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