Monday, June 21, 2021

AIRAH has released two new and updated Design Application (DA) manuals for commissioning. The two manuals are DA04 Air System Balancing – in HVAC; and DA24 Hydronic System Balancing – in HVAC

DA04 and DA24 are designed to be used by technicians, engineers, architects, contractors, equipment owners, operators, and specifiers. 

“Anyone involved in air/water balancing or in HVAC&R system commissioning or recommissioning should keep copies of these manuals handy,” says AIRAH CEO Tony Gleeson, M.AIRAH.

“Unfortunately, in the race to complete projects and hand over buildings to clients, correct commissioning of equipment is still something that is not always performed expertly. DA04 and DA24 will help address this issue. These two new or revised DA manuals have been written by an industry luminary in William Lane, F.AIRAH, with the expert editing of stalwart Vince Aherne, F.AIRAH.”

A new publication, DA04 covers the testing, adjusting and balancing of air distribution systems in HVAC&R applications. DA04 considers the entire air-balancing story. Starting from an explanation of where testing, adjustment and balancing (TAB) sits within the overall commissioning process, the manual takes us through the fundamentals of air measurement, what needs to be done before TAB, how to approach an air balance for a range of system types, and what to do after the air balance has been successfully completed, including recording and witnessing results.

“HVAC systems are designed to deliver pre-calculated amounts of conditioned air down sometimes complex air distribution systems, all controlled by dynamic and responsive comfort controls,” Aherne explains. 

“In order for them to have any chance of performing as the designer intended, these systems must be tested, adjusted and balanced after installation, and, importantly, the air distribution quantities must be measured, adjusted and verified against the design.

“This application manual is the definitive reference for HVAC air balance in Australia. This is a document designed for, and used by, the TAB technician, but can also be used by HVAC system designers and installers to understand their roles in the process. Indeed, anyone involved in air balancing or in HVAC&R system commissioning or recommissioning should keep a copy of this manual close by.”

DA24 is an update and revision to the previous version of DA24, titled DA24 Water Systems Balancing.

Promoting best practice for the balancing of hydronic systems in HVAC&R, DA24 recognises acceptable industry-standard techniques. DA24 considers the entire water-balancing narrative.

“Taking a holistic approach to how buildings and systems operate is a key component to system efficiency,” Aherne says. “Small adjustments and repairs that represent a minor expense at TAB stage can have a large impact on system return on investment. Poorly balanced systems may not always achieve comfort, will cost more to run and will have a reduced equipment working life.

“The intention for this manual is to help industry standardise the way a water balance is performed, with a strong focus on the application of best practice to minimise the impact the water balance has on the ongoing energy efficiency and energy consumption of the system.”

Now in its second edition, DA24 is the definitive Australian reference for HVAC water balance. 

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