Thursday, October 7, 2021

AIRAH has unveiled the new, improved and updated FairAir website at

Developed by AIRAH, FairAir is designed to offer independent, substantial, and helpful information and advice to assist consumers and professionals make informed decisions about the appropriate air conditioning for their homes.

Based on input from users relating to their home heating and cooling requirements, FairAir can provide advice about the appropriate type, size and energy-efficiency rating for residential air conditioning.

“Navigating the abundance of residential air conditioning equipment on the market can be intimidating for those who aren’t very well informed about HVAC, and even those who are,” says AIRAH CEO Tony Gleeson, M.AIRAH.

“FairAir is an important consumer tool for calculating residential cooling and heating options in Australia, helping to determine the most energy-efficient and suitable products for the home.”

FairAir features calculators to help determine the cooling and heating loads in a home, as well as maximum allowable noise level for each installation, and the likely energy costs for different units.

The site also includes helpful tips on reducing a room’s cooling load, and on the energy efficiency, installation and maintenance of equipment.

“Simply put, FairAir provides in-depth, free and unbiased information to help both consumers and HVAC&R professionals find the best home air conditioning options and products,” says AIRAH Professional Development Manager Brendan Pejkovic. “It’s designed to determine the most energy-efficient and suitable options for heating and cooling single and multi-room units in Australia.” 

A short video tutorial provides information about how to use FairAir effectively.

“The residential sector has traditionally lagged behind other areas of the built environment, such as commercial buildings, when it comes to focusing on sustainability and energy efficiency,” Gleeson says.

“However, extensive lockdowns, with most Australians spending far more time at home, and rising energy prices, have placed more attention on our abodes. More than ever, we’re looking for our homes to provide comfort, health, and productivity. HVAC&R clearly has a role to play here. We hope FairAir can form part of a suite of tools home dwellers can use to better inform their air conditioning purchasing decisions.” 

For more information about using FairAir contact [email protected]