AIRAH’s Big Data and Analytics Forum to ask the BIG questions

Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Taking place August 1 in Sydney, AIRAH’s inaugural Big Data and Analytics Forum will explore how analysing building data is changing the ways in which we maintain, commission and optimise buildings.

Within the HVAC&R world, big data is the collection of building systems information – most commonly collected through building management systems (BMS) – as well as the external data used within them.

AIRAH CEO Tony Gleeson, M.AIRAH, says that although information from BMS systems has been available for years, its applications have until recently been limited. 

“The introduction of analytics is radically changing the manner in which building data is being used,” Gleeson says. “For instance, it’s now possible to track and trend historical patterns to help diagnose faults or equipment deterioration. Using this previously unexploited big data is significantly altering the way buildings can be managed and maintained.”

At the Forum speakers will cover a range of topics dealing with big data and analytics. 

Chris Stamatis, Affil.AIRAH, from CopperTree Analytics will discuss how using data analytics can reduce energy consumption and improve asset maintenance.

“Understandably, there’s a lot of hype around big data,” he says. “People want it, but they don’t know how to apply it in real life, and – without the correct application – it can be a waste of time. Using real-world case studies, I will attempt to show the true value of data analytics when used correctly, and explain how it’s changing the way we maintain and tune buildings to bring them into the 21st century.”

Other speakers at the Forum will address subjects that include cybersecurity, key trends in analytics, analytics as an enabler of improved environmental performance, analytics and healthcare safety, and data-driven optimisation techniques.

“Things are moving very rapidly in the big data space,” Gleeson says. “What we’re seeing is that big data analytics can help to drastically reduce energy consumption in buildings while improving occupant comfort and streamlining maintenance. Anyone interested in getting up to speed with the applications for big data in the built environment should definitely consider heading along to AIRAH’s Big Data and Analytics Forum.”

AIRAH thanks major sponsor CopperTree Analytics; supporting sponsors Bueno and Innotech; and supporter, IHub.