Announcement on AIRAH Board voting

Thursday, March 21, 2019

On Wednesday, March 20, AIRAH’s team of Associate Directors and Chairs of our Australia-wide Divisional and Special Technical Groups (STG) met at the annual AIRAH Convention in Sydney.

At the convention, AIRAH’s Associate Directors voted on the five vacant Board positions. Congratulations go to the following individuals for being appointed to the Board for their respective terms:

  • Ian Harwood, F.AIRAH: 2019–2021
  • Bryon Price, F.AIRAH: 2019–2021
  • Liza Taylor, M.AIRAH: 2019–2021
  • Paul Jackson, F.AIRAH: 2019–2020
  • Ura Sarfejoo, M.AIRAH: 2019–2020.
Joining this cohort of five is Stefan Jensen, F.AIRAH, who has another year of his term to serve on the AIRAH Board, commencing in May. 

Ian Harwood has been voted onto the Board for a further two-year term, and will remain in the role of AIRAH President.

The Board congratulates Ura Sarfejoo on her appointment, and also thanks Chris Flanagan, M.AIRAH, who will complete his present term at the end of May.

Among the 2019 Convention’s many achievements were: updating the STG and Divisional groups’ aims and objectives for 2019, reviewing AIRAH’s current strategic plan and providing input in the AIRAH 2020–2024 plan, exploring the coming opportunities around AIRAH’s centenary in 2020, including how to celebrate and recognise past AIRAH achievements, and how to put in place the foundations for the next 100 years. 

All AIRAH members are also encouraged to provide input into the 2020–2024 Strategic Plan via the AIRAH website.

More information on the outcome of the convention and an update on the Board will be included in the April edition of Ecolibrium.