AIRAH’s timely call for resilience presentations

Thursday, March 8, 2018

At a time of unprecedented unusual weather events across the globe, the timing of AIRAH’s inaugural Resilience Forum could not be better. With AIRAH’s Resilience Forum slated for Sydney on July 26, the technical organising committee is now calling for abstracts on an array of subjects.

AIRAH CEO Tony Gleeson, M.AIRAH, says a resilient built environment is capable of weathering extreme events such as bushfires, utility outages, or heatwaves, while protecting occupants and quickly bouncing back afterwards.

“The AIRAH Resilience Forum 2018 will explore how AIRAH members and the industry can create a safer and more secure future through the implementation of practical design and construction measures,” Gleeson says. 

“Ultimately, this will result in a more resilient built environment and HVAC&R equipment, as well as the implementation of best-practice installation, operation and facilities management practices.”

AIRAH’s executive manager, government relations and technical services Phil Wilkinson, F.AIRAH, says the built environment industry is overdue for an event such as AIRAH’s Resilience Forum.

“We live in an age of weird, brutal and destructive weather events,” Wilkinson says. “Just looks at what’s happened in Antarctica and Europe over the past couple of weeks. A resilient built environment adapts to changing conditions while maintaining functionality and economical operation. 

“AIRAH’s Resilience Forum presents a fantastic opportunity for built environment professionals to come together to network and to share their expertise and learnings.” 

The technical organising committee is now calling for abstracts on an array of subjects, including but not limited to: 
  • Designing building envelopes and building services for resilience
  • Engineering HVAC&R equipment for resilience
  • Installing HVAC&R equipment and constructing buildings for resilience
  • Operating and maintaining facilities for resilience
  • Retrofitting for resilience
  • Policies, regulations, and standards for resilience and adaptation
  • Insurance and other financial aspects of resilience
  • Resilience and adaptation strategies for different built environment sectors
  • Climate adaption. 
By submitting an abstract, speakers are also agreeing to submit a PowerPoint presentation before the forum should their application to present be successful. The committee has the final say on accepted presentations. 

All submissions must include a 300-word abstract, a 100-word condensed abstract, 100-word biography and high-resolution author photo. 

Abstracts should be emailed to [email protected] by Wednesday, March 21. 

For more information about the Resilience Forum, go to

Thank you to our event sponsors and supporters.