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Nicki Parker, M.AIRAH   Graeme McLeish, Affil.AIRAH   Phillip Carruthers, F.AIRAH
Pragmatic dreamer   Striving for sustainability   The listener
Nicki Parker, M.AIRAH, is the sustainability lead for the Brisbane office of Norman Disney & Young.   Based in Brisbane, Graeme McLeish, Affil.AIRAH, is a senior consultant at QED Environmental Services.   The ability to absorb information from various sources has served Phillip Carruthers, F.AIRAH, in good stead throughout his 50–year HVAC&R career.

Marta Talarska, Affil.AIRAH   Malik Awais, Affil.AIRAH   Aaron Hoare, Affil.AIRAH
Striving for sustainability   The aspiring sailor   Highlighting Hoare
Marta Talarska, Affil.AIRAH, is a mechanical engineer for Stantec, based in Sydney.   Operations manager digital solutions, Pacific region for Johnson Controls, Malik Awais, Affil.AIRAH, wants to make a difference.   Melbourne-based Aaron Hoare, Affil.AIRAH, is a sustainability consultant with WSP.

Paul Bannister, F.AIRAH   Brendan Banfield, Stud.AIRAH   Dominic Lai, M.AIRAH
The Naberly one   Running on renewables   The eponymous man
The career of Paul Bannister, F.AIRAH, has been predicated on improving energy efficiency in buildings.   Brendan Banfield, Stud.AIRAH, is a research assistant and PhD candidate at the University of Wollongong.   Dominic Lai, M.AIRAH, gave his name to one half of a consultancy that has worked on some of Australia’s most forward-thinking structures, including the renowned Pixel Building in Melbourne.

Steve France, Affil.AIRAH   Nixon Chau, M.AIRAH   Dion Membrey, M.AIRAH
Going above and beyond   Jack of all trades   Think outside the box
Steve France, Affil.AIRAH, is general manager of the projects department for South Pacific Air Conditioning, based in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea.   Nixon Chau, M.AIRAH, is a business development executive at ActronAir, based in Melbourne.   Dion Membrey, M.AIRAH, is external sales engineer with Major Air, based in Hobart, Tasmania.

James Spears, M.AIRAH   Prachi Garnawat, Stud.AIRAH   Aaron Hoare, Affil.AIRAH
A born leader   Sustainable solutions   The genuine one
Based in the ACT, James Spears, M.AIRAH, is principal consultant at DeltaQ.   Prachi Garnawat, Stud.AIRAH, is a lead consultant at Building for Impact and a part-time research associate at RMIT University.   Jason Duncan, Affil.AIRAH, is Reliable Controls’ regional sales manager for Australasia.

Mitch Yeats, Affil.AIRAH   Melanie Finch, Affil.AIRAH   Adel Botros, M.AIRAH
Good quality stuff   Future finalist   Implementing innovation
Melbourne-based Mitch Yeats, Affil.AIRAH, is technical director/senior field technician for Ad Air Services.   Melanie Finch, Affil.AIRAH, is a project engineer in the Sydney office of NDY a Tetra Tech company. She’s also a finalist in the Future Leaders category of the 2019 AIRAH Awards.   Adel Botros, M.AIRAH, is a mechanical engineer with the Naval Technical Bureau, based in Sydney.

Matthew Stead, M.AIRAH   Christie Denys, Affil.AIRAH   Ravi Ravi, M.AIRAH
Steadfast and true   Team spirit   Hear, hear!
Based in Adelaide, Matthew Stead, M.AIRAH, is the CEO of Resonate Consultants and Ping Services.   Christie Denys, Affil.AIRAH, is national general manager for HydroChem.   Ravi Ravi, M.AIRAH, is a mechanical engineer for Wood & Grieve Engineers (now part of Stantec) based in Sydney.

Michael Riese, M.AIRAH   Tony Power, Affil.AIRAH   Jessica Allen, Affil.AIRAH
Don't sweat the small stuff   The hour of power   Closing the gap
Dr Michael Riese, M.AIRAH, is a business development manager for industrial refrigeration specialist Cold Logic.   Based in Frenchs Forest in North Sydney, Tony Power, Affil.AIRAH, is Technologies Director for Polaris Technologies.   Based in Adelaide, Jessica Allen, Affil.AIRAH, is an ESD consultant with SUHO.

Ivi Sims, AM.AIRAH   Jodhi Atmaja, MAIRAH   Anthony Marklund, M.AIRAH
In a league of her own   Global aspirations   Making his mark
Ivi Sims, AM.AIRAH, is CEO of the Building Environmental Wellness Group.   Based in Melbourne, Jodhi Atmaja, M.AIRAH, is a mechanical engineer in Arup’s Buildings group.   Anthony Marklund, M.AIRAH, is principal ESD engineer for Floth Sustainable Building Consultants, based in the firm’s Brisbane HQ.

Bryce Anderson, M.AIRAH   David Brown, M.AIRAH   Shannon Baldock, Affil.AIRAH
Bilingual in BMS   Downtown David Brown   The sparky
Bryce Anderson, M.AIRAH, is an independent building automation consultant, at Lifecycle Controls in Melbourne.   David Brown, M.AIRAH, is the commercial property manager for Global Intertrade, a private Spanish‑owned company.   Shannon Baldock, Affil.AIRAH, is refrigeration lecturer at TAFE SA.

Massimo Fiorentini, Affil.AIRAH   Gordon Lacey, AffilAIRAH   Taylor Balk, Affil.AIRAH
Latin (engineering) lover   The efficient one   In the know
Expatriate Italian Massimo Fiorentini, Affil.AIRAH, is part of the passionate staff at the University of Wollongong’s Sustainable Buildings Research Centre.   Based in Sydney, Gordon Lacey, Affil.AIRAH, is the general manager of DST Dryer.   Sydney-based Taylor Balk, Affil.AIRAH, is a product manager in CSR’s Bradford division.

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