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AIRAH offers a range of advertising and sponsorship opportunities for companies looking to expand their profile in the HVAC&R industry.  These include:


Advertising in Ecolibrium


With a monthly readership of nearly 10,000 industry professionals, Ecolibrium is the ideal medium to get your message noticed.  Advertising opportunities in Ecolibrium can be tailored to suit your needs, with a range of options available to interested companies.

Take a moment to find out more about the kind of exposure Ecolibrium can offer and the costs involved, and see why more decision makers trust AIRAH:



Key facts

  • Ecolibrium reaches personnel and key decision makers in the HVAC&R industry. 
  • Editorial is focused on engineering, air conditioning, design and energy efficient solutions in the HVAC&R industry: reaching the commercial market for building services personnel, facility managers and mechanical services companies and Government, including:
    • Consulting engineers     
    • Building services engineers (mechanical)
    • Project managers
    • Building owners
    • Consultants
    • Contractors
    • Electrical engineers
    • Specifiers
    • Procurement professionals
    • Architects and designers
  • Mailed direct to 9,189 AIRAH members and non-member subscribers Australia-wide.
  • 85% of Ecolibrium readers make or influence purchasing decisions
  • Ecolibrium has a circulation of 9,189* CAB audited    * September 2013 CAB audit 


Advertising in HVAC&R Nation


HVAC&R Nation was launched in June 2007.

Regular features of the magazine include the latest information on new products on the market, technical tips and a handy pull-out skills workshop, an employment and classifieds section, cover stories and feature articles, industry news and ear-to-the-ground trade chatter and the latest breaking news from the AIRAH ARC assessment program.

Take a moment to find out more about the kind of exposure HVAC&R Nation can offer and the costs involved, and see why more decision makers trust AIRAH:



Key facts

  • HVAC&R Nation is targeted to Tradespersons, blue collar workers and end users in the HVAC&R industry:
    • Mechanical contractors
    • Refrigeration and air conditioning technicians
    • Service technicians
    • Consultants
    • Plumbers
    • Electricians
    • Installers
    • Apprentices
    • TAFE students
    • Wholesalers
    • Industry suppliers
    • Manufacturers
  • HVAC&R Nation has the largest circulation and readership of any HVAC&R magazine in Australia.
  • Mailed direct to AIRAH members and non-member subscribers Australia-wide and available in more than 260 distribution wholesalers Australia-wide.
  • HVAC&R Nation has a circulation of 13,925* CAB audited    * September 2013 CAB audit 

Advertising in AIRAH's weekly eNewsletter


The AIRAH eNewsletter features news, upcoming events, training, links to our editorial features and more. 

This means of communication is excellent for a new product launch, a road show announcement, or a new product catalogue – anything that invites people to look at your website.

We currently have 4,643 active subscribers – approximately 2,200 members who have elected to receive the weekly update, and 2,450 industry professionals. The eNewsletter reaches CEOs, commercial market of facility managers, building services engineers as well as mechanical contractors, service technicians, installers, and refrigeration and air conditioning technicians.

The static advertisement appears at the bottom of the eNewsletter, and is hyperlinked to your selected webpage.

Key facts

  • Subscribers – 4,643 (August 2013)         
  • Average open rate – 30.2%
  • Average click-through-rate – 30.4%
  • Low cost
  • National coverage
  • Weekly
  • There is only one advertising ‘sponsorship’ position available each week.

Cost: $495 ex GST per insertion. Includes artwork design.
Specifications: 180 pixels W x 180 pixels H

Advertising on AIRAH's website


The official website of AIRAH,, offers the opportunity to display an animated gif banner advertisement on the home page. Clicking on the advertisement will direct visitors to your website.

This is useful for brand exposure for a company or product, a new product announcement, catalogue release, or special advertising offers. A link to the webpage of your choice allows interaction with a reader, direct with your company or product information.

Key facts

  • AIRAH home page placement
  • Six banner ads (maximum) appear on a regular rotation basis, with only three showing at any one time.
  • Artwork can be changed at any time during the year.

Cost: $3,800 ex GST for 12 months duration (subject to availability). Includes artwork design.
Specifications: .gif file type

For more information, please contact one of our Advertising Executives:


Glenn Douglas 

Ph: 03 8623 3018

Fax:  03 9614 8949



Judy Armstrong

Ph: 03 8623 3006

Fax: 03 9614 8949


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