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AIRAH provides a range of accreditation and training programs that help to distinguish specialists from various sectors within the HVAC&R industry who are appropriately qualified and uphold best-practice standards. If you require the services of an industry specialist, this is the perfect place to look.


 AIRAH Accredited Energy Auditors

AIRAH manages a national register of accredited energy auditors with the capacity to undertake energy audits and develop energy management systems.

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 Backflow Prevention

Accredited Backflow Professionals have shown that they have successfully completed the professional development units in Backflow Prevention and Cross Connection Control required to ensure a proper level of competence and professionalism in their work as a backflow specialist. 

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AIRAH Accredited Water Treatment Companies (Victoria)

The AIRAH  Water Treatment Service Provider company Accreditation scheme has been discontinued. Please contact AIRAH for enquiries relating to technician training

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