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Industrial Ammonia Refrigeration training

AIRAH provides dedicated industrial ammonia refrigeration training that has been researched and developed by industry users to meet the specific needs of staff working in and around ammonia plants. This training is evaluated every year and updated as required. Training is provided for plant operators, electricians, non-refrigeration trade staff, refrigeration contractors, engineers and OH&S staff.

All of AIRAH’s Industrial Ammonia Refrigeration training courses can be delivered onsite at your facility as well as at our training facility located at Oxford Logistics in Melbourne. 

Ammonia courses:


Information about the courses:



Industrial Ammonia Plant Operations - Three days 

This course is suitable for refrigeration plant operators who need to gain a thorough knowledge of how an ammonia refrigeration plant operates, its components, legislative requirements and maintenance. It also covers safety in the event of an ammonia leak.

Ammonia is a toxic gas. Refrigeration plant operators and anyone working around the plant should be aware of the potential hazards and the appropriate courses of action to be taken in an emergency.

This three-day course includes both theoretical and practical components, with visits to a working industrial ammonia plant.

Achieving competency in this course will be by way of assessment after each section is completed over the three days. Certification is industry based and provided by AIRAH.


Key topics

  • Introduction to ammonia refrigerant
  • Legislative framework across Australia
  • Refrigeration systems
  • Multi-stage systems
  • Refrigeration fundamentals
  • Compressors
  • Lubricants and lubrication
  • Condensers and cooling towers
  • Refrigerant flow controls
  • Liquid recirculation systems
  • Safe work practices, management and risk management
  • System operation, maintenance and fault finding

Designed for

  • Plant operators
  • Fitters and turners
  • Electricians
  • Boiler makers
  • Any contractor who has not worked with ammonia and other non refrigeration trained staff.


Courses dates, costs and registration

Date: July 18 - July 20
Location: Oxford Cold Storage, Laverton

Date: August 29 - August 31 
Location: Acacia Ridge

For more information, please email the Programs and learning manager Mel O’Mara at

Members: $2200
Non members: $2800


Ammonia Emergency Response - One day


This course meets the demands of industry covering all aspects of an ammonia leak emergency onsite. It is a good course to do as a refresher to the course in industrial ammonia refrigeration above or as a stand-alone course that will give participants the knowledge to deal with an emergency situation.

Key topics

  • Ammonia
  • Legislative framework
  • SDS/MSDS for ammonia
  • Ammonia vapour and cloud dispersal
  • Emergency planning
  • First aid and injuries
  • Hazchem signage and labeling
  • Breathing apparatus, chemical suits and confined spaces
  • Participants look at an example of a detailed emergency plan template with discussion session.

Designed for

  • Plant managers
  • Plant operators
  • Maintenance contractors
  • Refrigeration mechanics

Dates, cost and registration

Date: July 21
Location: Oxford Cold Storage, Laverton

Date: September 1 
Location: Acacia Ridge

New South Wales

For more information,
please email the Programs and learning manager Mel O’Mara at

Members: $800
Non members: $900

Ammonia Safety Awareness - One day


Course venue:  Available onsite only

This course has been designed specifically for non-plant and refrigeration staff that work in or around an industrial ammonia plant.


Key topics

  • Case studies: ammonia incidents
  • What is ammonia
  • How does ammonia behave
  • What are ammonia’s effects
  • Value of maintenance/servicing
  • Regulations and standards
  • Detection of ammonia
  • Safety alerts


Designed for

  • OHS team members
  • Forklift drivers
  • Stores personnel
  • Meat workers
  • Administration staff
  • Anyone working in or around an ammonia plant

Dates and registration

This course is run at your facility onsite. Please contact the Programs and learning manager Mel O’Mara at for more information.


Energy Efficient Industrial Refrigeration


The AIRAH Energy Efficient Industrial Refrigeration course identifies and discusses best practices for making temperature-controlled warehouses and cooling, chilling and freezing within food processing and other facilities, more energy efficient.

The course aims to improve energy efficiency in industrial refrigeration systems by changing the operating practices of food processing companies, cold storage and refrigerated warehouses and the allied trades that support them.

Industries that may benefit from this training course are:

  • Refrigerated warehouses, including controlled atmosphere facilities
  • Fruit and vegetable processors, ranging from fresh product storage to highly processed prepared meals
  • Breweries and wineries
  • Dairy and ice cream manufacturers
  • Meat, poultry and fish processors



  • Define energy and how it is measured
  • Identify improvements in system components to reduce energy usage
  • Identify opportunities for heat recovery, cogeneration and trigeneration
  • Build a business case for energy efficiency

Designed for

  • Plant engineers
  • Plant supervisors/managers
  • Facility managers
  • Sustainability managers

Dates, cost and registration

2016 course dates to be announced. For more information, please email the Programs and learning manager Mel O’Mara at


General information regarding courses


Fees include detailed course notes, relevant handouts and textbooks, morning/afternoon tea and lunch.

All courses commence on the first day at 8am. It is therefore recommended that accommodation is booked from the evening prior to course.



AIRAH’s Industrial Ammonia Refrigeration training is delivered by industry experts that currently work within the industrial refrigeration sectors across Australia. They have been involved heavily in our ammonia course development and structure and have delivered training across Australia and New Zealand extensively.

Our training is provided in the following ways:

  • At your facility to suit your needs, particularly for large installations with 24 hour rotating shifts that makes it difficult for staff to attend training at our dedicated training facility in Melbourne
  • Face to face at Oxford Logistics, Melbourne




Oxford Logistics is a proud supporter of the AIRAH Industrial Ammonia training. All face-to-face training is held at their state-of-the-art facility in Melbourne.


Oxford Cold Storage

1 Hume Road

Laverton North


Training policies


Information regarding AIRAH's training policies is available by clicking here.




For more information, please email the Programs and learning manager Mel O’Mara at


Cancellation and refund policy


Registration may be cancelled up to five working days prior to commencement of the course with participants either transferring to another course / event or receiving a refund less a 20% administration fee. No refund will be given where cancellation is 24 hours or less. In all other cases of cancellation the extent of any refund will be at the discretion of AIRAH.

You may substitute another participant at any time prior to the event date should the nominated person be unable to attend. Where the course has entry requirements these must be met by any substitute participant. Where a non member replaces a member the difference between member and non member rates will be charged. Requests for refund can be made by email to




For enquiries regarding AIRAH's ammonia training contact the Program and learning manager Mel O’Mara at or call (03) 8623 3000.