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Essential Safety Measures


Once a building is constructed the owner is responsible for upkeep and maintenance – particularly its life safety features, or essential safety measures.

Learn about the equipment and systems used for HVAC-based fire and smoke control in buildings, as well as the legislated performance requirements for these systems. Find out what is necessary for maintenance to the requirements of State and Territory Legislation and the Australian Standard AS 1851-2012: Routine service of fire protection systems and equipment

Use that understanding to advise clients of what level of maintenance and performance testing is required by the Regulations and what the Standard specifies must be maintained, and how often.


Key topics

  • Purpose and application of fire and smoke control
  • Introduction to the regulatory framework
  • Fire dampers
  • Testing and commissioning smoke control systems
  • Certification – prior to occupancy and annually
  • Maintenance of essential services – AS1851

Designed for

  • Technicians 
  • Supervisors


Simon Hill  Simon Hill, L.AIRAH, has been involved in contracting, design and engineering management in the air-conditioning industry for over 30 years, with much of that experience in the “Design and construct” contract delivery process.

Simon represents AIRAH on Standards Australia’s Ventilation & Air-Conditioning Committee ME 62. He is chair of sub-committee for maintenance of fire and smoke control features of HVAC systems (AS 1851), chair of the sub-committee responsible for AS/NZS 1668.1, fire and smoke control in multi-compartment buildings and chair of sub-committee for fire dampers.  

Length of course/duration

  • Delivery method: in-house only
  • Length: one day

In-house training

The essential services maintenance seminar can also be run at your workplace. 

If you have 10-12 people interested in taking the course, please contact:

Melanie O'Mara
Ph: (03) 8623 3000

Cancellation and refund policy


Registration may be cancelled up to five working days prior to commencement of the course with participants either transferring to another course / event or receiving a refund less a 20% administration fee. No refund will be given where cancellation is 24 hours or less. In all other cases of cancellation the extent of any refund will be at the discretion of AIRAH.

You may substitute another participant at any time prior to the event date should the nominated person be unable to attend. Where the course has entry requirements these must be met by any substitute participant. Where a non member replaces a member the difference between member and non member rates will be charged. Requests for refund can be made by email to


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