Microbial Control

Water and Air Handling Systems


Master the obligations and application of AS/NZS3666 Air-handling and water systems of buildings - Microbial Control and how they impact you.

Providing an introduction to the science of microbial control in both air and water systems from an engineering perspective, this course will help ensure participants are aware of the health risks and legal ramifications of a poorly designed or maintained system, and understand how to minimise risks.


Key Topics

Day 1 - Water Systems

  • Australian Standard AS/NZS3666, and state regulations
  • What to do about warm water systems
  • Medical and microbiological features of Legionella and the disease it causes 
  • Proper design for total microbial control
  • Water treatment and cooling tower maintenance to achieve ongoing control
  • Risk management principles and how to apply them to cooling water systems


Day 2 - Air handling systems

  • Sources and health effects of indoor air pollutants
  • Conditions in air handling systems that promote the growth of fungi
  • Effects of microbiological contamination in air handling systems
  • Maintenance remedies to control microbial growth

This course is designed for:

  • Mechanical design engineers
  • Service and maintenance personnel
  • Environmental health offcers
  • Hospital and hotel engineers
  • Building surveyors
  • Facility managers

In-house training

The Microbial Control seminar can also be run at your work place. 

If you have 10-12 people interested in taking the course, please contact:

Melanie O'Mara
Ph: (03) 8623 3000


Cancellation and refund policy

Registration may be cancelled up to five working days prior to commencement of the course with participants either transferring to another course / event or receiving a refund less a 20% administration fee. No refund will be given where cancellation is 24 hours or less. In all other cases of cancellation the extent of any refund will be at the discretion of AIRAH.

You may substitute another participant at any time prior to the event date should the nominated person be unable to attend. Where the course has entry requirements these must be met by any substitute participant. Where a non member replaces a member the difference between member and non member rates will be charged. Requests for refund can be made by email to


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