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Membership benefits and fees


Membership benefits

  • Free access to AIRAH's publications: Ecolibrium, HVAC&R Nation and weekly eNewsletter
  • Substantially-reduced rates for AIRAH's technical publications
  • Substantially-reduced rates for AIRAH national conferences
  • Industry-recognised code of ethics
  • Substantially-reduced rates for professional development programs
  • Representation
  • Industry networks
  • Local networks
  • Affiliations

Ecolibrium – The official journal of AIRAH

Ecolibrium is read by over 10,000 professionals in the HVAC&R industry every month, and features the latest industry news, case studies on major projects, technical papers, information on the latest professional development opportunities available to industry and more.

As an AIRAH member, you will receive Ecolibrium every month.

HVAC&R Nation

AIRAH members also receive HVAC&R Nation, a monthly industry magazine that is ideal for contractors and installers. It is full of training, technical tips, the latest information on new products in the market, in-depth analysis of industry issues as well as ear-to-the-ground trade insights.

Weekly eNewsletter

AIRAH members will receive the AIRAH eNewsletter each Friday, which advertises new events, conferences and training programs, industry news, and general industry information.

Technical publications

The AIRAH Design Application Manuals and Technical Guides are available at significantly reduced rates to members.

They are full of specialised design data and technical guidance for HVAC&R specialists and technicians. Subjects such as load estimation, duct design, water treatment, controls and commissioning are covered by these manuals.

One of the most valuable benefits of becoming an AIRAH member is receiving a personal copy of the AIRAH Technical Handbook, a comprehensive resource for anyone working in the HVAC&R industry. The Handbook is not available for purchase by non-members.

National conferences

Members have access to reduced rates for a range of AIRAH conferences every year. AIRAH conferences are renowned forums on environment, research, sustainability, technology, commerce, new products and services, business trends, government regulations and much more.

State division events

Each state and territory has an AIRAH Division and Committee, who run technical visits, meetings and seminars which address local issues and concerns of members where they work and live.

All of these events are free for members to attend.

Code of ethics

AIRAH has an industry-recognised Code of ethics, which specifies standards of conduct to be followed by members in their professional capacity.

Professional development program

AIRAH researchers members' needs and designs training and education in a range of subjects vital to business and career development. These professional development activities are aimed at enhancing members' technical knowledge and career prospects in a national program.

AIRAH is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO). AIRAH develops and delivers a range of nationally-recognised education programs and qualifications for HVAC&R professionals.


An important part of AIRAH's role is to represent members to all levels of government, influential groups and individuals who have an impact on the future of the HVAC&R industry. AIRAH has a long and product history of representing the industry on Australian Standards committees.

Industry networks

Members have access to a wide-ranging network of professional contacts throughout the industry, to share ideas and interests, problem-solving and enhance opportunities for career development. AIRAH provides industry contacts overseas through affiliated institutes and conventions.

Local networks

Each state and territory has an AIRAH Division and Committee, who run technical visits, meetings and seminars which address local issues and concerns of members where they work and live.


AIRAH is affiliated with a range of technical organisations in the HVAC&R fields, including:
  • The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE)
  • The Institute of Refrigeration Heating and Air Conditioning Engineers of New Zealand Inc (IRHACE)
  • The Institute of Refrigeration (IOR), London
  • The International Institute of Refrigeration (IIR), Paris

2014 Membership fees

The 2014 AIRAH Membership fees come into effect January 1, 2014.

Joining and first year
Fee (Incl GST)
All other grades**
 $360 (No GST applicable)
Second and subsequent years
 Fee (Incl GST)
Fellow (By invitation only)
$294 (No GST applicable)

* Student members must be attending an approved course on a full time basis and be able to prove so.  Apprentices must be able to show proof of apprenticeship to be eligible for Student member grade.

** Members who choose not to have their membership graded will be transferred to the Affiliate membership grade and have the use of the post nominal Affil.AIRAH.  To have your membership graded please download a copy of membership grade transfer form.

For further information visit Membership Grades and Information